You could own the fastest, most advanced laptop in the world, but if you don’t protect it from adware, viruses and malware, it won’t mean anything. Most people have basic knowledge of viruses, but there are a lot more things you have to do than just install an antivirus. Your toughbook 53 needs to be protected from all types of harmful files, so make sure you take all the necessary preventative steps in order to keep your computer free from any harmful files.

As mentioned before, the first thing you need to do is install an antivirus. You get plenty free anti-viruses on the internet that work really well and you can also go the extra mile and pay for premium services. Whatever you decide, just make sure you have an antivirus and update it daily to make sure new viruses don’t slip past your security. Many people forget about an anti-virus once they install it and this is a mistake, since anti-viruses can expire without any notification, leaving you vulnerable. Make sure you stay safe by regularly updating and renewing your anti-virus.

The best way to prevent adware is to install an adblocker. This will block popups that will spread harmful software to your computer. You should also scan all the files you download with an anti-adware scanner to make sure nothing manages to slip past your defenses and infect your computer. You should also have a malware detector installed on your computer. It may seem like an anti-virus should cover all these bases, but sometimes advanced files can slip past an anti-virus. By having both an adware detector, a malware detector and an adblocker installed you’re covering all your bases and protecting your computer.