It would be true and fair to say that airborne drones are organic. But one would have to inspect a little closer the DJI drones and other similar airborne craft which barely make a sound, if at all, to find out what materials have been used to design and manufacture these latest magnificent flying creatures of the twenty first century. Against the backdrop of war history and all its devastating results, caused by man and the sharp shooting powerful flying machines, one wonders what the great Einstein would make of these modest but very modern crafts otherwise known as drone.

But ever the forward thinker, Einstein would more than likely continue to issue the warnings on the consequences of ill use. But he would be laudatory in his praise to discover that many drone models, including the DJIs, are being used for the purposes of saving the environment. Drones are being used regularly by scientists to study weather patterns to find new and effective ways to reverse the negative effects of global warming and climate change, other than following through with the obvious at ground level.

Drones are indeed environmentally friendly craft. They use next to no fuel in comparison to the larger aircraft that can only be powered by gallons of fuel. They are lightweight, so light that a man can pick it up with one hand. They utilize battery power, no a popular energy saving device being utilized in other areas of life, including the operation of motor vehicles. Noise pollution too is non-existent. These birds make no sound in comparison to the noise that we make in our daily lives on planet earth.

Food is being secured for the future as farmers utilize these crop saving devices over and above the heavy machinery they used before.